Osho Tantra Gathering

July 1 - July 4, 2022

Totality Festival and Tantric Awakening Present: Osho Wellness Retreat We will be activating all of the ancient mystic schools of Tantra, Sufi, Zen, Buddhism, while modernizing these esoteric teachings for modern humanity. We will be celebrating Osho, creating the new earth at a gorgeous venue.

7250 Mitchell Mill Rd, Wilseyville, CA 95257, USA


The Event

This four day experience, will be bringing to life the ancient mystery schools of Tantra, Sufi, Zen, and Buddhism. We will be integrating all of Oshos active meditations, as well as creating connection workshops and having live music and djs. 


We will be hosting this magical event at a gorgeous venue, Blue Mountain Event Center with waterfalls, a river, breathtaking nature and more. 


Hosting true Neo Tantra from some of the Top Tantra Teachers in the world, as well as integrating Sufi music, and Sufi workshops. We will have Osho books, Discourses, and a whole village where his knowledge will be easily available to immerse yourself in