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Osho Tantra Gathering

July 1 - July 4, 2022


Totality Festival Presents 

Osho Tantra Gathering

Featuring NAD Wellness Festival, Phenovibe, Pranic Magic, and Mayan Heart Events! 
We will be activating all of the ancient mystic schools of Tantra, Sufi, Zen, Buddhism, while modernizing these esoteric teachings for modern humanity. We will be celebrating Osho, creating the new earth at a gorgeous venue.

7250 Mitchell Mill Rd, Wilseyville, CA 95257, USA

Important Information:

Camping is included with your ticket, please purchase a car camping pass in order to have your vehicle at your campsite.


Parking: There is a parking lot on site a short distance from the venue and campgrounds.


Box Office Hours:


Thursday -  10AM - 10PM


Friday - 10AM - 10PM


Saturday - 10AM - 4PM




Can’t come all of the days? Two - Day passes are still on sale!

Early bird tickets will sell out soon. They will also be available at the door.




Glamping upgrade visit our ticket link to find out more!


There will be water available on site at our water stations.




Food Vendors and elixir vendors will be on site. Bring cash as service is spotty out here.


Please note that you are coming to an off grid location so please plan accordingly.


Early bird tickets will sell out soon.


Substance - Free event




We highly encourage completely substance free to get the most out of the experience (with some exceptions with microdosing of plant based medicines)


Temperatures will be in the 80s during the day and it drops to the 50s at night so bring warm clothing and dress in layers!


Are there ins and outs? Yes.


Are there showers? Yes with hot water, they cost $10


The Event

Totality Festival


NAD Wellness Festival

 Pranic Magic 

Mayan Heart Events


Osho Tantra Gathering

This four day experience, will be bringing to life the ancient mystery schools of Tantra, Sufi, Zen, and Buddhism. We will be integrating all of Oshos active meditations, as well as creating connection workshops and having live music and djs. 


We will be hosting this magical event at a gorgeous venue, Blue Mountain Event Center with waterfalls, a river, breathtaking nature and more. 

What is Tantra?

In a nutshell, it is the intentional harnessing of our sexual, life-force energy for the sole purpose of cultivating higher consciousness and attaining a state of enlightenment. Tantra is not something that is merely useful or relevant for romantic purposes, but it is a way of life, a way of being, a way of opening oneself up to our true nature and to allow life to move through us without any hindrance or inhibition.

It is a pathway to unlocking our greatest potential.

When truly understood and utilized, tantric practices have the ability to eliminate all suffering and unlock a doorway into divine bliss.

To have experiences so pleasurable and euphoric that everything else you've ever experienced simply pales in comparison. 

Understanding these secrets and applying them can make your life into something that you could not possibly have even imagined before developing this newfound knowledge and awareness.

Our wish is for all human beings to know this indescribable bliss and incredible ecstasy.

The full capacity of your life essence exploding through your being in absolute joyful delight. This is your birthright. And this is why we have created the Osho Tantra Gathering.

Hosting true Neo Tantra from some of the Top Tantra Teachers in the world, as well as integrating Sufi music, and Sufi workshops. We will have Osho books, Discourses, and a whole village where his knowledge will be easily available to immerse yourself in.

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