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Amanda Joy 
Henna Activation

Amanda Joy is Co-Producer of Totality Festival, she is an incredible Osho Meditation, guided meditation and Life Coach, Henna Artist, and owner of nonprofit Henna Crowns of Courage. She leads Totality Meditation Retreats around the world with her beloved Yatri

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Yatri Abundance

Yatri Abundance is the founder of Totality Festival! He is a powerful meditation teacher, Life Coach, specializing in Osho Active Meditations, Kundalini practices, Addiction Counseling, and customizes programs to work with the specific needs of the individual.. 

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Gloria Merrick

Gloria is a genius when it comes to off grid Sustainable Living. She currently has her own Off grid land and knows everything you need to know to Transcend the Traditional "System." 

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Anthony Weiss

Anthony is a powerful sound healer who will take you on a live journey. 

Erin Lawrence

I started my online business and went from making zero monthly to making 4-figures within my first launch, to making a consistent 5-figures each monthly within the first 6 months

I make my own schedule

I live where I want and travel when I want to travel

I work with partners that I feel joy about working with

I work with the clients I am inspired to work with

I create content from a place of passion and joy. 

Learn how to uplevel with me! 

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Meditation Coach

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Life Coach